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About Us

about us

Protect against Standing Water

Cruise & Cargo Ships

MarineArmorDefense (MAD) is all-green, water-based, single-component coating, flooring and rust/corrosion defense that can be applied to 99% of everything!

Containers & Docks

Specializing in corrosion prevention on all metals, MAD Products also works to preserve 99% of all substrates including cement, brick, glass, wood, stucco, fiberglass, asphalt, encapsulate asbestos, insulation, canvas, interior and exterior structure, above and below ground, and will defend against standing water. We have worked on shipping warehouses, docks, marinas, buildings, plumbing components, in need of this type of long term protection against corrosion and rust.

Oil Platform & Drilling Rigs

MAD Products for cruise ships specialize in corrosion prevention on all metal surfaces. The products adhere to 99% of all substrates. Amenable surfaces include: cement, brick, asbestos, glass, wood, stucco, fiberglass and asphalt. MAD products encapsulate asbestos, insulation, canvas, interior and exterior structures, above and below ground. Our products defend against standing water, as well as providing water proofing and energy conservation.

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